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Thread: Help with PRE and POST workout nutrition PLEASE

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    Help with PRE and POST workout nutrition PLEASE


    ok i need some help with pre and post nutrition.
    Im going to give you some samples, can yuo tell me if any are good, or make a new one up for me. Thank you

    pre workout shake--40grams WHEY with fruit

    During workout--Creatine/dextrose/glutamine drink

    Post workout--40 grams ISO WHEY 80gram carb shake.


    Pre workout--20gram WHEY-Creatine/dextrose/glutamine

    During workout--WHile working out drinking a WHEY protein shake

    Post workout--Creatine/dextrose/glutamine with 20 gram WHEY


    Pre workout--40gram WHEY with creatine/dextrose/glutamine

    During workout--Water

    Post workout--40grams WHEY with 80gram carb drink and Creatine/dextrose/glutamine shake.

    I like the second one. Not sure though. WOuld it be better the constantly drink WHEY protein while working out???

    Or would i be better to be constantly drink Creatine/dextrose/glutamine.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you

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    I don't think I'd smell very nice if I drank whey during my workout.
    Drink water during (my opinion)
    Post- go with a good ammount of whey and some dex and creatine.
    Pre- I go with a little whey and a little malto.

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    This is what I like to do. Pre and during workout, you don't need to load up so much. I like to take in 15g of liquid amino acids and 15g of simple carbs before working out, and then 40g whey and 80-100g(40-50 simple) of carbs post workout. Sometimes I'll sip on a watered down gatorade drink during the workout.
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    The second, is an excellent article!


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