Wanted to start an online log of my training up to this competition and hopefully beyond. I am in the offseason right now of being a varsity baseball coach. My players are lifting three times per week and have open gyms on three other days, so time is a little rough. Although it can be tough to find energy getting to the gym, I am definitely training hard for my first competition, which is on Jan. 30. I will be lifting in SLP and just going Push / Pull. I plan on going 6 for 6 with conservative attempts just to get my foot in the door so to speak.
After this meet, I will be going full swing into baseball season. This means maintaining my numbers as much as possible and getting my arm in shape for throwing a million rounds of batting practice. Once our season is over, I plan on doing a full meet with IPA or USAPL in the raw division. I will be posting videos and training info as the meet gets closer. Any help is appreciated.
My training for the meet is really bench and deadlift oriented, with some box squatting done for speed on Mondays. My split right now looks like this:

Monday: DE Squat / Quad Dominant Exercises

Tuesday: Bench (Linear Progression Peaking for the Meet)

Wednesday: OFF / Foam Roll / Stretch

Thursday: OFF / Foam Roll / Stretch

Friday: Deadlift (Coan / Philipi Modified Slightly So I Don't Die...)

Saturday: DE Bench