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    Jason's Journal

    I figured I'll start up my journal over here as well. Like to have a backup and one of the forums I used to have my journal is no more. Also, this is a perfect time as I'm more or less starting over from a year off from any kind of consistent or serious training after having a lot of life changing events.

    2012 EDIT:
    Re-Re-Restarting my training back up. No more looking back and moving forward. I wont ever regret making my family and community a priority but it's time for me now. First two pages I have edited to what I've currently been doing up to today 10/5/2012.

    Just get back on the Platform October 27th meet
    Beginning of next year break through 1300+ again
    End of next year knocking down 1400
    Next 3-4 year hit 1675 unequipped total.
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