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I've been looking at giving different shoes a try for awhile. $200 seems a bit much to cough out, but maybe come income tax. Anytime I do bent over rows I NEVER ever ever feel it in my lats at all. Even if I use 95lbs and go super slow and strict. I've gotten a lot out of chins, pullups, and pulldowns though. Might look at getting a CSR eventually
Yeah, $200 is way more then I'd drop on a pair of shoes for powerlifting. I got a super awesomely great deal from a relative on the AdiPowers. If it wasn't for that I'd be looking at the Ristos/BAF or Pendlay Do-wins which are way cheaper. The new 2013 Pendlay Do-wins look great and are basically a big knock off of the Nike Romaleos.

Can't wait for taxes as I'm looking to get a real GHR. I've been doing some CSR's with my incline bench and a band choked around a bar at the back base of my power rack. I'll hold on to the bands or use various things like a pvc pipe for a handle. Works pretty good. I'll have to take a video as I have no idea how to describe it better then that.