I get dizzy when I read post after post from these new lifters wanting to build muscle but also want to get ripped abs or a six-pack. There are a few of the more experienced bodybuilders here that can pull off lean bulks, but the other guys are just planning for failure.

If you want to build some muscle, then get as far away from your fat phobia as you can get. Don't be afraid to let your mid section soften up, knowing that under that layer of fatty goodness there are some real muscles being built.

Don't be that guy that goes on a lean bulk for three years just to find out you are the same skinny guy you always were. You are just fooling yourself because you can see your abs. Instead, be that guy that packs on some serious weight over the next few years, then when you finally get big enough to scare your mothers, diet back down to expose those large muscles you trained so hard for.

How many of you have been at this for a few years with very little to show for it? Are you going to spend the next few years doing the same thing? Put down the plate of chicken and broccoli and pick up the steak, potatos and ice cream