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Thread: blood glucose, sugar, insulin, diabetes and weight loss

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    blood glucose, sugar, insulin, diabetes and weight loss

    this is a completely random question that i was thinking about with all the latest posts about sugar and insulin and what not. my mother is a diabetic and she does the blood glucose thing about every hour to monitor her sugar levels. im just wondering if someone were to want to lose body fat could a diabetes monitor be useful as to when you could eat carbs and sugars and when you couldnt?

    disclaimer** before you go and talk about price with using one of these things and tell me its a waste of money and my moms blood test things, i have no plans on using it. i dont even live within 750 miles of her anyways im just simple asking because i thought it could be interesting.

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    Its only like 30 bucks for a monitor.
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    Probably not. All it would be useful for would be to determine your blood glucose level. By itself at one moment in time this probably doesn't do much for you. But doctors will do some kind of test, that I think involves fasting blood glucose and then ingestion of a glucose drink. This would probably be more accurate.

    There are still easier and more practical methods of estimating glucose tolerance.

    1)If you eat a breakfast full of carbs (ex: waffles with syrup), do you get a "crash" a few hours later?
    2)When you take in a lot of carbs in your diet, do you tend to gut a "full" muscular look, or more of a bloated look?

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