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Thread: Anyone eat oatmeal raw?

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    Anyone eat oatmeal raw?

    I love eating raw oatmeal like its cereal. I have my gf eating it raw with skim milk. I bought her those instant single serving cups of Quaker with milk on side. Her entire classroom was shocked and/or disgusted by it and couldn't believe she was eating it uncooked. Anyone else do this? I like how it expands in your stomach and makes you take huge dumps. Great for cutting haha

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    I love the taste but it wrecks my stomach

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    I've never eaten it raw before. Funny story though, I've been eating nothing blut plain oatmeal for a couple of years now. I used to eat thos instant oatmeal packets that were flavored, like brown sugar or apple cinnamon. I tried one of thosed flavored packets today and couldn't stomache it, it was nasty.

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    I blend them up in shakes
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    I don't know about raw but I use those same instant quaker oatmeal packets you're talking about. I use 1/2 cup of 2% milk and 1 serving of walnuts and some brown sugar. So I guess, no I don't eat it raw, heh. But it fits into my fat loss diet and works as is, so I like it...


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    Quote Originally Posted by cphafner View Post
    I blend them up in shakes

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