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Thread: Anybody do Max - OT? I have questions.

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    Anybody do Max - OT? I have questions.

    So here is my story. I started lifting in college. Got into Max - OT around 2005 and liked it. Never lifted past the 6 month mark.

    Fast forward to today. I had been a competitive soccer player for the past 5 years or so. I'm deciding to pack on the weight again, but still playing soccer once a week. I'm on week 7 in lifting using the Max - OT program, which I love. However, I've seen suggestions lately where people say to mix it up in terms of lifting style.

    One of my thoughts was to keep doing the same exercises, but go from the max - ot way of 4-6 reps, to 8 - 10 reps and do this for 2 weeks or so. Then go back to max - ot.

    Anyone have thoughts on this? If not, I think I'm going to give it a try.

    I'm getting results with Max - OT, but feel like they aren't as good as back in the day. This could be because I have not lifted in 5 years and my muscles are getting back into it again. So by changing up the reps, maybe it will help boost my overall development.

    Vitals - 30 y/ o, 5'11'', 172lbs. When I started lifting 2 months ago my weight was at 168.

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    i know this is an old thread but since i just decided to get back on the max-ot train i thought i'd share my experience with it.
    after a long layoff i went back to the iron in june 09 at 179lbs after reading up on oct 09 i was up to about the 212-215 mark...but then it just got,well, my joints hurt.
    i tried to change exercises around but wasn't getting where i wanted to get to.that is until i started just by chance of adding one fst-7 movement at the end.since i did one b/p per day i'd do,say pec flyes or cable cross overs at the very end.
    my reasoning was even tho i was hitting the wghts as hard as i could i just wasn't burning them out enough.3 sets of flat bench,2 sets of incline d.b.'s and one set of wghtd dips just wasn't cutting it.after i added a little "tweak" to it my gains took off again.
    recently i've been thinking of trying out a modified version of a 5 x 5 routine written by ironaddict but i'm having trouble understanding some of the board i go to for help,well let's just say they love when someone doesn't understand something.makes some of them feel big.
    add to that i've only seen one pic of this "guru" and he ain't all that.go to skip la cours site under max-ot routines.he gives you i think 13-14 different ones you're upposed to follow in order but if you know what you're doing you can mix and match imho.

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