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Thread: Question on the HCT-12 cluster sets

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    Question on the HCT-12 cluster sets

    Hey guys just a quick question. I am confused on how many exercises I should be doing the ramp up/cluster exercises on?

    I have tried doing them on every exercise on my split but I tend to get pretty burned out after I do my 'main' lift (Squats, Deads, Bench, Shoulders) for the day.

    How much should I be doing on accessory exercises?


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    You shouldnt see the other exercises as accessory. They are all as important and clusters should be done on all of the exercises prescribed in the program. Ramping up is used as a warm up and to feel your way up to your working set. The first exercise will take a bit more sets to get warm but after that you should use as many sets as you need to get ready. I aim for about 4-5 sets to ramp up.

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    Yeah, do a few sets of 6 with increasing weights to warm up, then your final work set of 6 with clusters.

    I used to make the mistake of doing too many warm up sets and ended up without the energy to do a decent work set. Now I just do three or four warm up sets.

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