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Thread: My latest bulking routine

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    My latest bulking routine

    What do you think about it?

    MONDAY: Squats 5x5-10
    Hack Squats 3x8-12
    Leg Extensions: 3x15
    Stiff leg Deads 4x10
    Walking DB Lunges for 10 steps each leg (done for 2 rounds)

    TUESDAY: Incline DB Press 4x6-10
    Weighted Dips 4x6-10
    Incline DB Fly's 3x8-12
    Cambered bar Skullcrushers 4x6-10
    Cable Pressdowns 3x15-20


    THURSDAY: Weighted Chins 3x4-6
    BB Rows 3x6-8
    Deadlifts 3x8-10
    Pulldowns reverse grip 2x 20
    Cable Rows 2x10-12
    BB Curl 4x8-12

    FRIDAY: Seated BB Press 3x6
    Seated DB Press 2x8-10
    Leaning Laterals 3x10-12
    Standing Calf Raise 4x10



    Last set of every exercise (and possibly some others) to failure. Same weight each set. Adding weight to the bar when i hit upper rep range in all sets. 1-2 warmup sets before first exercises for given muscle group.

    Also rarely if I cant go to the gym on Monday I will combine Monday's and Tuesday's routine (cutting out some exercises) and do it on Tuesday:

    Squats 5x5-10
    Leg Extensions: 3x15
    Stiff leg Deads 4x10
    Incline DB Press 4x6-10
    Weighted Dips 4x6-10
    Cambered bar Skullcrushers 4x6-10

    I know it isnt optimal, but this is really rare event.

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    Looks like your typical muscle mag routine that doesn't work as well for most newer people and/or people without drugs.
    First Bulk pics VS Starting pics, take a look!!

    Progress pics of a cut using bodyweight only movements

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    The first two workouts look alright (Legs and Chest/Triceps), although I do not see the other two sessions as being optimal and the Leg session seems like a bit much in terms of volume.

    Overall this routine is not something that I would follow... but that is just my opinion.
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    Don't do stiff-legged and regular deads in the same week.

    You are doing too much direct shoulder work considering the chest work you are performing on the other day. I would greatly reduce the shoulder work and combine it with your back day.

    I would also skip the leg extensions and the lunges. You are trying to do way too much.

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