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Thread: simplest effective diet for AF

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    simplest effective diet for AF

    I need help with my diet. I am 19 years old. 5'3" around 156 lbs now. I competed in 3 powerlifting contest with the ADAU. I think I know how to train effectively, i just need diet help. I've added complexes to the end of my workouts from

    I'm going to Air Force basic training on March 1st, and i'm trying to slim down and be in better running/cardio shape.

    I want the absolute simplest diet. I don't care if its eating the same thing over and over agian

    can i just eat boneless skinless baked chicken (around 1.5 lbs), whole grain oatmeal (4 servings), and bananas(1-2) all day. (thats basically what i've been doing) I also drink green tea and alot of water.
    sometimes I make chicken tacos with whole wheat tortillas. they're low carb high fiber tortillas. lettuce tomato, onion, and 5 calorie taco sauce.

    anything i'm missing here? extra foods? any advice at all is appreciated.

    edit: I also take a multi-vitamin, joint health, fish oil, and creatine monohydrate. (1 pill each and 5g of creatine)
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