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Thread: Journal: Novice on HCT-12

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    Journal: Novice on HCT-12

    I always got minor questions about the routine popping up here and there, so I figured I might as well start a journal so people can see what I'm doing if I need advice.

    This is my week three on HCT-12, and I've been starting pretty easy. Today was the first WO that felt hard (thanks to DLs).

    Here are the last three WOs:

    B (Jan 12.)

    90kg x 6+2+2+2

    Romanian DL
    75kg x 6+2+2+2 (first time I did these)

    Seated calf stuff
    30kg x 6+2+2+2

    25kg+ez-bar x 6+2+2+2

    Abs and back extensions.


    A (Jan 14th)

    7,5kg x 6+2+2+2 (body weight is something like 93-94 kg)

    DB floor press
    34kg x 5+2+2+2 (couldn't do six on the first set. I really love this one)

    Pendlay rows
    74kg x 6+2+2+2

    Arnold press
    20kg x ? (First time I tried these.)

    Close grip BP
    55kg x 6+3+3+3


    B (Jan 17.)

    120kg x 5 (personal best, and I felt in full control)
    110kg x 5

    I was planning to do six reps on the back-off set, but I felt too close to technique-failure on the fifth rep so I stopped. I might drop the back-off set later, as I have had very good progress just doing one straight set of five while doing Starting Strength. I felt pretty tired after this too.

    Leg press
    120kg x 6+2+2+2

    30kg+ez-bar x 6+2+2+2 (Weight was a bit to heavy on this one. Couldn't have done one more rep on any of the sets)


    Back extensions
    3x10 body weight


    Today's WO felt incredibly awesome. Straight into top 5 list of workouts ever
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