I have a question for some of the big benchers on here. I have been noticing some mild swelling of my right wrist (the hand that gives me grip fits with the deadlift) after benching heavy for the last several training sessions.

I benched heavy yesterday (up to 715 full range followed by 745 successfully, then missed 785 off a 3 board in a single ply SK) and noticed that my wrist was swollen along the middle region and laterally towards the thumb immediately after I was done benching. I had no discomfort, no pain, just swelling. I iced my wrists and elbows after training like I always do. Its not painful today, but does seem a little "stiff" and there is some residual swelling. Nothing bad happened during that workout, no dumps, no unusual torquing of the wrist that I'm aware of. I wrapped them the same way I always do, starting while warming up.

What are you guys doing for conditioning/maintenance of the wrists for big benches? I was told by one lifter to not only ice wrists and elbows after every workout, but also do high rep, light wrist curls with a dumbell--like sets of 15-25 with a 15-20 lb dumbell and make a point to stretch, not only fingers, but the carpal canal and forearm muscles every day when handling big weights.

Any other suggestions/tricks I'm missing?