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Thread: When To Deload

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    When To Deload

    In my pursuit for more strength, I've added in a mixture of intensity and volume using a variety of protocols to my 5/3/1 program. That of which aren't really important for this thread... However to make a long description short, I've added in sets of heavy singles and other sets of high volume reps.

    Now after doing this for about a month, the initial quick gains that I saw slowed down, and as I kept adding or modifying things, my body quickly began to develop some pains and my motivation has dropped...

    To name a few... My wrist has begun to be sore, I'm experiencing random back tightness, weakness and slight pain. Where I was usually super hype to go train, now I have a lack of drive and focus. In short, my work out quality has begun to suffer.

    Is this over training? Maybe. All I know is that it is deload time! Luckily, my scheduled deload is next week and I will report back with how the deload has improved or affected my training quality and pains.

    Moral to this story: If you are starting to get soreness, pain, injuries or are experiencing a lack of focus, maybe it is time for a deload and then ramp back up!

    You can't go balls to the wall every training session for weeks on end, or you will lose your focus or get injured!
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