Hey all,

I have a question regarding HCT. The way I'm reading it is you should ramp up to your 6 rep max. I did that today for bench like this:

145x6 (max)
145 +2+2+2

My question is, wouldn't it make more sense to just do a few warm up sets than do your max set? I ask this because my previous 6 rep max for bench was 150 lbs. The way I did it was:

95x6 (warm up)
120x4 (warm up)
135x2 (warm up)
150x6 (work set)

So I didn't tire myself out with warm up sets. The way I did it in the context of HCT, the first 3 sets felt like true warm up sets but when I did 135 it more or less just burnt be out with submaximal weight and I couldn't make it to the 150. The same thing happened with bent over rows. My old 6 rep max was 110 lbs and today I could barly make it to 100 lbs. Again the only difference being I used to use light warm up sets prior.

I guess my question is- is it necesary to do ramping sets? Wouldn't it just make more sense to do a few actual warm up sets than just try to blast PR?