Here's my situation: I've been cutting for 5 weeks now and have been averaging about 2 pounds a week.

Key word is "averaging." The first 3 weeks I lost about 2 pounds a week, right on target.

The fourth week I lost half a pound, for a few reasons:

1. I realized I was not drinking as much as I should (sore joints and retrospect), and increased my water intake. This could put a "lag" in my weight loss as the body adapts
2. We hosted a football party with some delicious turtle cake. The woman who made it insisted we keep the leftovers... I did pretty well but I know that thing had tons of calories.
3. Migraines ... affected my physical activity level. They are chronic but I've kept them pretty well managed.
4. Emotionally loaded week. I'm normally not an emotional guy but it was the anniversary of a lifechanging event.

The fifth week I lost about 3.5 pounds. I did maybe an extra hour of cardio total over the week above and beyond the proceeding weeks. Regular lifting schedule, hit my normal totals. I did add farmers' walks... but they are still fairly light and short. I certainly didn't starve myself or feel like I needed to eat more.

So averaging it I lost 2lb/week but 3lbs+ over 4 to 5 days ... is this OK or do I need to put more calories in the tank?

I don't strictly track macros. I do make sure I get 180+g protein per day (6'0" 195lb, 13-18%BF). I do favor fat over carbs. I basically started the diet by cutting portions in meals on the order of a few hundred calories/day and kept it there. Haven't needed to drop it further, may need to raise it (?)