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Thread: Back Injury -- Upper Middle Left

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    Back Injury -- Upper Middle Left

    I've been doing the HCT-12 Routine and last week was my week off, so maybe this had something to do with it. Yesterday I was doing squats, and I know I don't have the greatest technique in the world, but I guess something must have tweaked. I could feel it throughout the day, just a little sore...this morning I woke up and could hardly move. Hurts to breathe and when I went to the bathroom, it was so painful that I felt like vomiting. I'm attaching a crappy MS Paint image of where exactly it hurts, just wondering if this is a common injury? It's definitely muscle and not the spine itself, but it's unbearable. Should I take more time off? Should I just not do squats for a while? When the pain goes away, is it ok to continue lifting or should I take extra time off after the pain is gone to ensure it's healed?
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    If you are not 100% recovered from a workout, how would you expect to exert yourself safely at the next workout. If you are injured, you need to recover. Also, if your technique is not exact, you will be risking more injury.

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    I've had an injury from squatting similar to that, on the left but slightly lower down.

    Took many weeks to heal itself. And still twinges now if I slouch in a chair for hours (watching a movie etc).

    Give it plenty of rest and when you come back start very lightly again and build up.

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    possibly a pinched nerve? i did something similar in my neck with a warmup set of bb rows a year or so ago. it took a few weeks unfortunately.

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    Could possibly be a rib out or something.

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    Pain that intense seems like a pinched nerve to me as well.

    Is that an actual pic of your lat spread?
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