I 've always wondered what my genetic limitations are. I recently stumbled across some calculator that claims to be able to work out your max potential.


At first i was disappointed i got..
Chest: 46.9 in Biceps: 17.5 in
Forearms: 13.8 in Neck: 17.3 in
Thighs: 23.8 in Calves: 16.5 in
@ 8-10% BF

However my thighs were 23.5 inches before i even started weight lifting!! i 'm 24 now.. I 'm pretty sure that naturally i could surpass 17.5 inch biceps too. They are 16.2 after only 9 months training @ 13% BF

just interested into what do you guys think to this calculator? or have any views on 'natural limits' Do you think it is possible to surpass these measurements?