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Thread: Foam rollers prior to lifting?

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    Foam rollers prior to lifting?

    Is it safe to do a couple of foam rolls on muscles you are about to lift with? Will it inhibit lifts at all/increase the chance of injury?

    also, what do you guys think about defrancos upper body warmup? He does static stretching for the pecs. Isn't this bad before lifting?
    heres defrancos warmup

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    I foam roll before almost every training session, I think it helps get me loose and ready to lift. If anything I think it limits injury potential.
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    i use a home made foam roller and a LAX ball before every session. i do my entire body too, not just the muscles im about to work. i also do static stretching, and some band traction. i highly recommend it for both injury prevention, and mobility.

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    I foam roll everytime before I lift. Upper body days I'll make love to the wall with a lax or tennis ball before I train.
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    Is prior to training the only time you need to foam roll, or is myofascial release on off days a good idea too?

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    I foam roll before squatting.

    No harm in doing it on off days as well.

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    I do about 10 passes or so on each lower muscle prior to squatting. I use a lcaross ball on my upper back as well before bench days.
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