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Thread: Switching from strength and conditioning to pure hypertrophy

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    Switching from strength and conditioning to pure hypertrophy

    How do I do this? I have been doing Wendlers 5/3/1 for 6+ months I did HCT-12 for about a month and a half and now I am ready to move my fitness goals past strength and on to training for hypertrophy.

    I know HCT-12 is actually very hypertrophy oriented but it has a lot of flexibility with auto regulation. I am looking for something with strict rules.

    I.e. Do this xxx exercise yyy times.


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    How long have you been lifting? Auto regulation in HTC is pretty simple, it tells you how many reps to do of the exercise. It's your job to figure out what weight.

    Stick with HTC and learn how to read your body.
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    Your goals aren't as mutually exclusive as you are making them out to be. Both 5/3/1 and HCT-12 are very good hypertrophy training programs. Just because a program builds strength doesn't mean that it somehow compromises size gains. In general the best way to gain size is to get stronger in the 8-15 rep range (which is where you seem to spend alot of time with a properly set up 5/3/1 program) and do plenty of volume (which you could again do with 5/3/1 with the right assistance template) (of course all this is assuming you are eating enough calories and protein).
    My advice would be to continue 5/3/1 with some very minor tweaks if necessary. Depending on where you are at in the program, reset your training maxes so you are getting ~15 reps on 5's weeks, 10-12 on 3's day, and at least 6 on 5/3/1 day. Then choose the BBB assistance template or simply an assistance template that targets the areas you need work with alot of volume with moderate weights.

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    A productive routine is much more than a comilation of exercises, sets, and reps. You have to learn how to adjust all the variables like; intensity, volume, conditioning, recovery, nutrition, etc. in order to be successful on ANY routine. Even guys using a "strength" routine like 5/3/1 or Westside are building slabs of muscle. When you figure out why they are able to do that, then you have the tools to make almost any routine work for you.

    That's why a basic routine (like HCT-12) works so well for guys just past the beginner stages and up to advanced, fewer variables allow them to learn faster and see the effects that small changes have on everything. There is absolutely no reason to switch routines just so you "feel" like a bodybuilder. Just keep getting stronger, experiment with the variables I listed, and learn how your body responds to training.

    If you are absolutely dead-set on switching routines so you can "feel" like a bodybuilder, just pick one that uses a basic schedule and focusses on basic compound exercises and keep working on all the variables that I mentioned before. Just remember that switching routines is the surest way to cut short progress. It's much better to find ways to make your current routine work for you.

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