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Thread: Wannabe not so big - programs

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    Wannabe not so big - programs

    Hi guys,

    So my lifting partner is starting to fade on SS, his lifting is secondary to other activites, namely skiing, He's struggling with the rest days, feels like the weights are starting to interfer with the skiing (and I can see why!!! It's getting tough fast, I'm not nearly the skier he is and it's starting to limit me a bit) Are their any other programs I can pass on to him that are good for general fitness and pass the Wannabebig test, I'm sure he's going to end up with some t-nation/men's health workout of the month crap. If you know of anything that fits the bill, please let me know.

    Thanks All.

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    Lifting secondary to sport just cut the volume. When I was running I did this 2x per week:

    Squat- 1x5
    RDL- 1x5
    Bench- 1x5

    Work up to 1 work set of 5 reps. In and out the gym within 30 minutes.

    Tell your friend to consider periodization. THat is, consider shifting emphasis from time to time. In the off season for example lift more and maintain GPP or sport specific conditioning. In the in season maintain strength and focus on GPP/sport specific/skill practice.

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