I try to maintain all sets in a range of 6-8 reps unless otherwise stated, if I see I cant hit this range (sometimes I start heavy and go down), I don't count the set.

The main goal is to simulate every functional movement possible. Its the general movement I have been trying to target not a specific exercise. I've been doing this for approx 6 weeks now and I seem to be having good results, just looking for more input. I tend to stay with a routine for 8-12 weeks then do some major changes, so as I am either at the half way mark or nearing the end I was just looking for some additional input before I change it up.

3x Front squats
3x seated calf raise (12 - 15)
3x dumbbell lunges
2x leg raises (20+)
3x Leg press

3x bench press
3x military press
2x overhand curls
2x underhand curls
3x incline bench press
3x push ups (failure) thinking of swapping to chest dips

3x deadlift
3x shrugs
3x romanian dead lift
3x barbell lunges (weight held overhead)
In theory I would like to do some cleans and/or push press on this day but I seldom have the energy for the explosive movements after all the deads

3x pull up
3x barbell rows
2x overhand overhead barbell tricep extension
2x underhand overhead tricep extension
3x pulldowns at approx 45 degrees
3x pullovers usually on a machine, it seems easier on my elbows.

I read something about static contraction excersizes being useful and very low time duration so I have been attempting to work them in on the day opposite where I'm working.

Mon - static contraction for traps and grip strength
Tues - Barbell row, tricep, and pullup
Thurs - leg press, calf
Fri - bench press, military press, bicep

I make it though my workouts pretty well, biggest issue is on thursday I don't have the explosiveness to maintain my form properly for cleans and push press. My recovery times have been such that I feel I can warrant a second day for chest and back work. I was actually hoping the static contraction would fill that void but i don't have much experience with it.

Anyway, looking for opinions on:
A) Am I just doing too much in general?
B) Should I mix up the lower body and upper body exercises to be more evenly split between press/pull and glutes/quads?
C)Is static contraction enough alternate stimulation to the main focus of the day?

Also I realize I dont have much ab work in place, main reason for that is that my abs seem to get sufficient work from all the stabilization they are doing through the week.