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Thread: lower abs

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    lower abs

    in my strength training class in school the girls are always asking the instructor for ways to work the lower abs, and he always shows them some technique. is it actually possible to work the "lower abs", or is it all just one muscle like the pec?

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    if they want lower abs to show up they should just lose some bodyfat.

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    Yeah like accipter said, loss of BF = abs. That's the last part of the stomache the fat wants to leave but eventually it will. I'm not totally sure but I think the abs are all one muscle like the pec, yet can be isolated to some degree. I think whenever the legs are incorporated into the exercise it helps with the lower abs, I.E. crunches with your legs up, bicycles, hanging leg tucks, leg lifts.
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    There are 4 major sets of muscles in the abs: The Rectus Abdominis, Internal Obliques, External Obliques and finally the Transverse Abdominis.

    I believe the Rectus Abdominis is what most people refer to as the Abs and they stretch from the bottom to the top so cannot be worked as "lower" versus "upper" abs. Interenal and External Obliques are the sides and the Transverse I think is on the sides too. There is another muscle at the very bottom of the stomach called the Pyramidalis but I doubt that you could really work that much except maybe in bed

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    Working the transversus abdominis will work your "lower abs."
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