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    Offseason Weight Training-Journal

    Hey everyone, Ive decided to start a journal for the sake of self-reflection and for others who might be interested.
    Moving on, at the end my past season, I weighed 185 lbs. Currently im at 205 and hoping only to go up. This will be my last year for high school football and i want to make the best of it in hopes of college ball. Feedbacks always nice and suggesstions always help too! Thanks guys.

    Tuesday: 2/22/11
    Bench Press:
    2x8 185,205
    2x4 245, 255x3 only

    D.B Incline:
    3x8 160,170,180

    Bench Burnout:

    Bent over rows:
    2x8 135,185
    2x4 205,225

    Lat Pulls:
    3x8 150,165,180

    Dead Lifts:
    2x8 135,225
    2x4 315,365x3 only

    Overall decent day. Im hoping to get a few of these up soon, especially my dead lift...I was disapointed to say the least that i only pulled 365x3 this week when i did 345x10 last week. I just gotta shake it off i guess..Leg day tomarrow, peace.
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