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Thread: Meet Results WNPF 2-26-11

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    Meet Results WNPF 2-26-11

    I weighed in Friday night at 155. I was looking to be at 148, but I cut about ~8lbs of water and was still a lot over. The meet scale must be a lot heavier than mine. So I just competed at 165.

    Warm-ups went well for the squat. I opened with 355 and it felt fast. I went to my planned 2nd of 385 and that felt good too. 415 was what I was planning on taking for my 3rd, but I decided to go to 405 instead just to make sure. Unfortunately I lost my balance in the hole and missed it. Still have PRed since March of 2010...

    (If anyone notices anything technical in any other the videos please speak up)


    Bench warm-ups all felt fast and pec was holding up alright. I opened with 195 and that felt good. Then I went up to 225, so it got red lighted because my training partner didn't move out of the way after the hand off. I took it again for a 3rd and got it.


    Deadlift warm-ups felt ok...I kind of kept feeling like I was falling forward. I opened with 330 and it was fast. Then I went to 370 and that felt good too. My goal this meet was to total 1000, so I took 390 for my third and got it. It still felt like I had some lbs left in me, so I loaded up 405 in the warm-up and just got it.


    Officially totaled 1000, 1015 if you count the 405 deadlift. It was a good day. Figured out that I need to work on handling heavier weights for the squat, even if I dont have a monolift to work with. For the bench I just need to get stronger all around and work on technique. Deadlift seems to be lacking off the floor or a few inches above.

    Time to plan my next training cycle for my meet in early June. Probably going to do an RTS template.
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    Good job on hitting your goal of 1000 total man, nice work.

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    Good job!!!!
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    Congrats Bro nice lifting!!
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    Great meet!

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    Good stuff mate! Well done.

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    Thanks guys. Im happy with the way things went.
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    Nice lifting! Technique looks pretty darn good to me!
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    Nice job. I really like the bonus 4th pull in the warm up area.
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