The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Squat help again

    I have posted a few videos on here and habe gotten great advice and feedback. This is a video of my squat workout from today. I have had a lot of trouble with depth, arching throughout the lift and today for the first time at the bottom my knees shot forward and I almost lost the weight. I already competed with this same gear combo and got 560 on my second and missed 600 on my third. I am about ten weeks out and plan to use the suit every week to practice. If you guys could offer some insight that would be awesome, and I'll keep posting videos.

    My last deadlift session was pretty ugly too and I'll post a video of next weeks. Having trouble getting my back flat before I pull with deads.

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    I'm not understanding what you need help with? But like you said, you're not getting the depth that you should. You are almost there on most of them but you need to go just a little bit more. If you can go down to parallel, then drop some weight so you can or else you are just kind of wasting your time.

    Strong though and good luck!

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    Your hips/glutes are tight. Youtube hip mobility and start doing the drills everyday along with foam rolling and static stretching.

    Doing the mobility work before squatting will loosen you up too.

    Make sure you are spreading your knees apart too. You can really tell on the close stance squats that you are just moving your knees out, not down.
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    You are losing your arch at the bottom and trying to get depth by leaning forward-you need to sit back harder and hold your arch

    1. Big Air
    2. Arch
    3. Chest Up
    4. Sit Back

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehopkins932 View Post
    Your hips/glutes are tight. Youtube hip mobility and start doing the drills everyday along with foam rolling and static stretching.

    Doing the mobility work before squatting will loosen you up too.

    Make sure you are spreading your knees apart too. You can really tell on the close stance squats that you are just moving your knees out, not down.
    +1 Stretch the hams every day too.
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    I squatted again today with a low box down, just to guage depth and didnt sit on it, but the suit is locking up really hard on me. I bought the suit used, have used it for 2 meet preps now and its loose, so I figure depth shouldnt be an issue. When the suit locks up on me, a few inches above parallel, what the heck do i do to reach depth? I heard in the chuck V video to force the knees out, keep the chest up and drop straight down. I see other guys tuck their butt under, what do you guys suggest doing when the suit locks up????

    I find that I just deviate from my form by just bending over, or having my knees come forward to hit depth, which does not work out well on a heavy weight. Any help would be great.

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    The problem is that you are quite bent over in the hole so its going to be very hard to hit depth. The suit doesn't look to be locking up as I see the same problem on you raw sets. With 600lbs you can break depth with almost any gear combo if your form is right.

    I would try to widen your stance a couple inches and set the bar about an inch higher on your back (i imagine its lower right now). You need to force your knees out more as well. Push your chest up and bring your elbows through the hole time as well. Dont ever let your knees come forward, as soon as they start coming forward depth becomes harder to reach.

    You are not far from depth.. just a few minor tweaks and your squat will go up quite a bit.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what Selk said^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    I agree with Selk. It appears that the way you're squatting needs work, then you'll be fine in the suit. You squat like you're thinking of it as a leg exercise. Your knees come forward quite a bit, and it appears you are quad dominant (just from the appearance of your leg). Your setup looks like it needs some work to help you set your upper back tightness and arch.

    I would recommend working on box squats to learn to sit back and use your glutes and hamstrings more. Really focus on gettng your upper back tight and pulled together with your head buried back in your traps, then arch your low back hard. Once you unrack and take your steps to get set up, einforce all hese back tightness points before squatting. Then really focus on starting the descent with your hips pushing back as the first movement (should feel like you're building tension in your hamstrings all the way down to the box). With side video you should be able to see your shin stay straight up and down. The elbows down cue that Selk mentioned is great for helping keep your chest up, and maintaining that back arch. When you come up think of leading first with your head, not pushing with your feet; this will also help you not get bent forward too much.

    I would also look at your assistance work as a way to help strengthen the right muscles to support this technique change. To me it appears that you need more glute and hamstring work, and that your quads are far ahead of these muscles. Once these muscle groups start catching up, sitting back will get much easier and your squat will benefit from the ore efficient technique.
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    Nov 2010
    Thank you all for the advice, I completely agree with the points made. Right now I am 8 weeks out from a meet. I had planned to do all my training with free squats, but with how much trouble I was having I added a box last week and just squatted TO it not relaxing on it, to make sure I hit depth, and practiced a lot of what your all saying. With the little time I have until the meet I don't know what I should change programming wise, but intend to just try to fix my form the best I can. And I am CONSTANTLY trying to bring up my hamstrings. I'll put up a video from this upcoming week and hopefully show some improvement.
    Again thanks

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    Nov 2010
    ITs been about a month and now Im 5 week away from my meet, I have 2 more "heavy" weeks left in my training cycle, and would like some input on how stuff went yesterday. I appreciate the help and comments

    This was the best feeling squat workout of the whole cycle.

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