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Thread: Making progress

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    Making progress

    Alright guys so it's been a total of 3 months and I've been keeping with my diet/training and I have dropped about 15-20 lbs. (I've only had my scale for about a month and when I brought it I was 220). The scale is ok but it's kinda weird because of the "Body fat scale" I am kinda skeptical of it because one day it'll say I'm at 27% then it'll fall to 22% so I can't really go off of that so I just kinda figure my BF% is in the mid 20's.

    I'm really pumped because I can actually see the weightloss, and my friend who's a heavy gymrat compliments me all the time.

    I'm at 209 lbs right now and I've been keeping my calories at about 1800-2000 a day, my training days have been going up and down but I try to workout atleast 3 days a week. But a major wrench has been thrown into my routine. I recently separated from my sons mother so now I can't find the time to go to the gym anymore because I have him as soon as I get off from work at 3 til about 9pm all but 2 days a week. I've been trying to find gyms that have daycare but have no finds.

    So I purchased the p90x dvds, xbox kinect fitness game (It will surprise you how much this game works you out) as well as a set of resistance bands and dumbbells and a pullup bar.

    My question is will 3-4 days of p90x/Kinect fitness be enough to keep me in my fatburning zone, or am I missing too much by losing my treadmill and weightlifting?

    Oh and my goal is to drop another 15-20 lbs by summer. I am starting to see all the muscle I built but I still got some work to do.

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    The P90X program is great for getting in shape. If you do what it says you will be fine.

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    cool, thanks

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    Do you have a YMCA near you? They usually have childcare while you workout.
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