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Thread: Westside Owns the Powerlifting World Yet Again!!!

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    Westside Owns the Powerlifting World Yet Again!!!

    This last weekend two Westside lifters, AJ Roberts and David "Neutron" Hoff both destroyed the all-time world records in their respective weight classes!

    AJ hit a 2,825 lbs total with a 1,140 squat, 870 bench, and 815 deadlift. He competed as a 308. His was the highest all-time total for a 308 and the 2nd highest all-time total period!

    David hit 2,805 with a 1,115 squat, 880 bench, and 810 deadlift for the all-time best 275 class total!

    Congratulations to both men and to Louie Simmons, the architect of the Westside system of training and the greatest strength training coach ever.

    Oh, and both gentlemen above use AtLarge products. Counting them, AtLarge users now have the highest all-time total on record (Donnie Thompson at 2,905), the highest 308, and the highest 275... Name any other ****ing supplement company that can touch that! Oh, wait, Chuck Vogelpohl just upped the all-time squat record for the 275 class to 1,180 lbs at 45 years old! Yep, he uses AtLarge too...

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    <----- Westside till I die!

    Congrats to WSB and ALN!
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    you're an intelligent guy... but you're also half #$%&ing crazy... and that my friend is the formula for a great powerlifter.
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    Not to mention Chuck V also has the all-time squat record at 242 with 1140lbs and ALN has 4 raw lifters that total 2K or more (Scott Y, Eric, Rob W, and Scott W.)
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    I can't believe how much weight is being moved around on the message board!!! HUGE lifting in every topic i click!!!!!!!!

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