hey everyone ive been doing some reading on the gluten free diet and the theories behind it. i DO NOT have celiacs disease but i have been interested in the diet mainly because of my inability to gain weight. i also eat pretty clean(aka whole foods) but am not afraid to have a snack or processed food. You may jump straight to the point that i am not eating enough to gain weight, and you may be right. but i really have a hard time believing that im not eating enough even to see a small increase in weight, which i have not in the past year. One thing ive heard about gluten is that it acts almost like a paste in your intestines that blocks your food from digesting properly and not allowing as much of the nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Is there any truth to this? what are your opinions?

If this is true, could it explain why most of my food just passes through me and not going to repairing and building muscle?