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Thread: the "other" muscle?

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    the "other" muscle?

    hey all, i'm new here... hope you don't mind people who register and start posting threads right away

    anyway, my question is this: what is that muscle, on the opposite side of your forearm? (instead of flexing your forearm, flex the opposite direction)
    how do you work that out? i've been getting my forearms bigger, but it kinda looks unproportional without the upper muscle there to even it out

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    Welcome to the forums!

    If you look at the "outer" side of the forearm you see the extensor muscles. You also see the brachioradialis, which runs from the outer part of the elbow to the thumb's side of the wrist. To work these muscles:

    Extensors- reverse curls, reverse wrist rollers

    Brachioradialis- Hammer curls, reverse curls, wrist rollers
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