I've been training on and off but not really taken it seriously until over the last year or so. I'm having a few troubles however, I'm knocking on a bit (nearly 39) and I have a lower back injury from trampolining with my kids that I did around 5 years ago (it never mended right)..

I'm currently doing:

Bench Press - 220lb for 5-6 reps
Squatting 275lb for 12-16 reps
Deadlift - 220lb for 10-12 reps

My concern is that my squat and deadlift should be much more

I have an issue with squats in that the bar seems to cause me a lot of pain when I remove it from my neck after completing the squats, the weight feels too light for my legs, but its like my neck shoulders cant take it for too long. I also seem to lose my balance a bit during the last 4 or so reps. This makes me very nervous about adding more weight to the bar

The other issue is with deadlifts, I seem to get to 8 reps then have to put the bar down and pick it back up because my hands lose grip (I dont have very big hands, maybe that is the issue?). Does it even matter if I have to put the bar down and pick it back up again? I've tried gloves and it doesnt really help

Any help / suggestions would be much appreciated.