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Thread: Alternative to Shoulder Dumbbell Press (left shoulder pain)

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    Alternative to Shoulder Dumbbell Press (left shoulder pain)

    I started feeling some pain in my left shoulder several weeks ago when doing dbell overhead press. I took a break from doing them for several weeks and when the pain was gone I replaced them with some Lateral Raises, just to keep some shoulder work in my routine.
    Today I tried reintroducing the dbell overhead press using fairly light weight (40 Lb dumbbells) and managed 11 reps but decided to stop since I could still feel some pain in my left shoulder.
    Any ideas/advice on other options for shoulder workout that wouldn't involve overhead pressing? I read some posts of people only doing lateral raises + bentover lateral raises for shoulder workout but I don't feel that those would have the same effect as overhead press at all.
    Opinions? Suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Any ideas as to why your shoulder is hurting, rotator cuff, etc?

    Do you go an equal amount of pulling exercises as pressing?

    What does your warm up look like?

    Dips and incline/flat bench use the shoulders, but you should really have a vertical press.
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    shoulder dislocations...look em up and see if that helps.

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    Other than whats been mentioned, just figure out what you can do pain free. Any kind of pressing movement will hit your shoulders. Lateral raises are a good supplementary move that seem to not be giving you any problems. Facepulls are good as well, and may hit the side delts to some degree.

    Either get it checked out to see if theres something more serious going on or just stop doing what hurts and do what doesn't hurt.

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