3-20-11 APF IL State Meet
This was easy because I chose not to cut at all an just weigh in the day of the meet. Came in at 94 kg, so I can gain 6 kg yet and stay in the 220's, long way to go to fill out the class yet. I think by not cutting I felt much more fresh and ready to go, and this paid off today. I also deloaded a bit more than I have in te past for this meet, so tha may have helped too.

After weigh in I ate some more, foam rolled, stretched, lathered up with linament and waited to see what flight I'd be in. I ended up in the 2nd flight, so I had some time to relax. This was also the smallest flight, with 13 lifters which ended up working well; seemed lie the perfect amount of time between attempts.

Squat -
Warm ups
145 x 10
235 x 5
added briefs here
325 x 3
415 x 2
added suit bottoms
505 x 2
595 x 1
645 x 1
ready to go...

1st attempt - 688.7 Felt easy, but setup was a little off. I seem to always struggle with my first attempt squat, so I wasn't concerned; just got the light opener out of the way.
2nd attempt - 744 Much easier than the opener. Setup and unrack felt great, weight was light on my back; unk it for 3 whites. Everyone said, wow, that should have been your opener.
3rd attempt - 771.5 Smooth and fairly easy. Felt lik I had more in me, but this was a PR and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss a squat PR due to being too aggressive. This also set me up to easily PR my total, and have a shot at 2000.

Warm ups
Bar x lots
135 x 10
225 x 5
275 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 2 off 2 Boards
405 x 1 off 3 boards
added shirt
495 x 2 off 2 boards
545 x 1 off 1 Board

1st attempt - 584 This was tough to get down, and started to come back over my face too quick on the press. I had to kind of stop pressing so I wouldn't dump, then lock it out from there. Still easy, but was a strange lift, never felt this happen before.

2nd attempt - 617.2 This one was good for the AAPF Open 220 national record. Pressed it fast and easy.

3rd attempt - 633.7 Got a little crazy and jacked the shirt too much. This threw me out of my groove by having to touch lower, which then made it come back towards my face fast on the press; I reacted by flaring my elbows too early and got stuck about 3/4 of the way up. Would have bee a PR, and training was dead on to hit this; just pissed I didn't execute because this woul have set me up nicely to get 2000 on the total.

Warm ups
225 x 3
added suit bottom
315 x 1, 1
405x 1
straps up
495 x 1

1st attempt - 551 opened here to get an easy PR total of 1940. Everything was smooth and easy.

I really wanted to go after 2000 an I knew it would take a 611 pull to get there, so I had to decide between giving myself 2 shots at a weight I've never even attempted before, or take a 2nd o build my PR on the total, then go after 2000. I chose to play it safe and build the total 1st.

2nd attempt - 584 went up easily, no problems. This ws a PR meet DL, but something I feel confident with and pull in the gym pretty regularly. This boosted my total to 1973.

3rd attempt - 611.7 Launched it from the floor, but got stuck right at my knees. Held it there for like 2 seconds but couldn't haul it up. Gave it a good run, but no 2000 today, still very happy with the PRs today.

Ended up at 1973 total (a 39 lb PR) so, definitely a good day. I have to give credit to Eric Maroscher for wearing me down over time and convincing me to just go 220 and not bother with the cut, as well as getting me to deload more than I usually would. These 2 chages had me feeling fresh and hungry to lift. I felt very tight and explosive throughout the meet.

I ended up winning best AAPF lifter. This definitely could have gone to a few other guys if they didn't have bech probles along the way. Tom Kraweic (spelling ?) had a phenomonal squat; 854 @ 181, but only got a token bench that he took to secure his squat, then had some shirt issues. Stan Kuderick was also ahead of me after squats s a 198, but the bench got him as well. It was a fun meet, lots of great lifters and great people in APF IL; really enjoyed it.