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Thread: Your body is your temple, make it strong!!!!

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    Your body is your temple, make it strong! (Super Training Gym)

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Chris Ramos, and I just completed my first powerlifting meet. I have been training at Golds Gym for the past 3 months to try and earn a nice total. I was able to meet my goal of at least 1200lb RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    I totaled 1287 lb // 585 kg with 7/9 lifts completed in Sacramento at Super Training (SPF meet 3/20/2011)

    My training is mostly with straight weight, about 50% machines and 50% free weights. Some triple sets, but mostly heavy singles. I like to do dynamic effort work about once a month.

    The camera was acting up but I was able to get most of my lifts on video but I don't have my first squat and first pull...comments?

    I will continue logging in a couple days, this meet left me a bit... sore

    The first squat was good, second miss, third easy rep (440lb / 240kg no knee wraps)
    The first bench was good, second good, third miss (319lb / 145 kg)
    The first deadlift was good, second good, third good (528lb / 240 kg)

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