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Thread: Could this be the cause of my problems?

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    Could this be the cause of my problems?

    Hey all.
    I spent about a year sitting hunched over playing ps3. After that I've never been able to squat without serious pain.
    Funny thing is though that I can deadlift and do strongman exercises as heavy as I can go without pain.

    I can deadlift 227.5kg and yoke carry 220kg. Doesn't give me any pain whatsoever.

    I forked out the money and saw a chiropractor. He diagnosed me with some bs called maines syndrome. Anyway he said I'd only need 3 appointments. Turns out it did jack shit. Chiro is a fraud lol.

    Anyway I read something that when you're squatting in a power rack you shouldn't touch the pins.
    I've been doing this, could this be the problem?

    Haven't been squatting as it just fucks me up. But I can do everything else. Reached 180kg in roughly 2 months.

    Do you think if I got a squat box it might make me able to squat?

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    it's hard to tell without seeing what is going on, and knowing exactly where is hurts and how...... post a video, or be more specific about what is going on and someone should be able to help.

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    Get a foam roller and stretch daily. Do abs daily. This fixes most issues. Get some atlarge ets to boost recovery
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