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    USAPL PA State Meet Results

    Had my meet sunday. Things went good and bad. I tried some new things in the gym and it cost me some pounds on my squat and pull but I had a solid bench day hitting a post injury PR after being down 15 LBS form my last meet.

    I was 256 meet morning. I ended up going 4 for 9. On the squat I opened at 600, and then went 650 and missed on depth. I went 655 next and again was called high again. On the bench I opened at 450 for a good lift. I then went 490 for a post injury PR and got it. I went 502 on a third for a new American record and flat out missed. On the deadlift I warmed up to 500 and my back was just tired. Not sore, just tired. I opened at 650 and my goal was complete. I then checked the records and decided to go for 716 for a new American record and I missed the damn thing. I came in first place and received the best lifter award for the raw category. I ended up totaling 1740. MY next meet is USAPL nationals and I hope to hit a 1900 plus total.

    Big thanks to Atlarge Nutrition. Its tough for me to hit a bench PR after dropping 15 lbs between meets but luckily my nutrition was top notch with the aid of Nitrean, Opticen, Results, ETS, and BCAA plus. Thanks to Chris an Daniel for the support. It goes along way.

    Meet videos

    600 Opener Good Lift 2-1

    650 No lift Both side judges red lighted the lift

    655 No lift 1 red from a side judge and 1 red from the front.

    450 Bench Good Lift

    490 Bench Good Lift and Post Injury PR

    650 Deadlift Good Lift

    716 Miss
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    Best raw meet lifts
    Squat:765 with wraps. / 700 raw with out wraps
    Bench: 525
    Deadlift: 755
    Total: Raw with wraps: 2000. with out wraps: 1925

    Best lifts Equipped
    1050, 840, 715. Total: 2605

    Representing AtLarge Nutrition and EliteFTS

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