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Thread: Preferred Training Time

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    Preferred Training Time

    Interested to know what time people prefer to train. Just out of curiosity.

    Personally I prefer the afternoon or any time that's not morning haha but feel I perform best in the early afternoon.

    Give some reason for your choice! Keen to see when others prefer to train an why...
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    I would preferr to train between 2-5pm, but because of scheduling usually train at 7pm. I think anything between 3-7pm is really ideal for the most part and agree with a lot of the "carb nite" concepts. IMO, if realistically possible, cardio type exercise would be left for mornings and higher intensity stuff and resistance training be left for the evenings.

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    Our guys train from about 5-8 pm with a couple getting started about 6ish due to quitting time of their jobs. The 5-8 slot works well for me.
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    I like to finish up about an hour before dinner.

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    Right now since I am unemployed (GI Bill + Unemployent rocks) I get to train after school. I get out of school at 11:00 on MWF and 12:15 on TU/TH. So after I eat and what not I get to the gym about 12:30 or about 1:45 and love it. It isn't busy, lol, and I feel good. When I was still in the Marines I had to go later at night like between 8:30-9:00 because the gym was just so packed, I didn't mind training then but getting up early in the morning was rough, which led to being tired at night and having to caffeine up at the gym, which led to lack of sleep and so on, lol.
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    5-8 PM here
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    5pm usually.

    But I usually don't wake up until 3-4pm.. Working freelance has its benefits. I wake up, make a pot of coffee, eat something quick and go.
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    I train 5:00-7:00 AM on MWF (sometimes Friday 6:00 pm) and Sundays at 10 AM. Due to an odd work schedule, a long commute, and a family at home, this is the only way I can guarantee that I will get to train.
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    I would prefer to lift b/t 7-10 pm, however because I train in my apartment it depends on the lift and how much noise it makes.

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    I work 630am to 3pm, so I get ton the gym around 415pm.

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    I work 8-5, leave at 7 Am, get home at 6 pm. Training partners don't always get there until 8 pm because of work some nights. We'll usually train from 7-11 depending on who gets there when. I have been known to be doing DE work at 1 AM though when work schedules are sucky. .
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    Wannabebig Member
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    Depending on the start of my shift at work, I start training between 0830 and 1030.

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    If i didn't have a job i would be working out late morning. but since this is real life I am stuck with evenings for most of my work outs. I still chose late morning because that is what i would prefer, working out after a long day can be difficult for me.

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    most meets start at 9am so I like to train at 9am. I am also very sensitive to caffeine and training this early lets me really get amped up when I need to and still sleep that night.

    With that said, I have that luxury for my squat/deadlift days on Saturday, but because of work I lift during the week whenever I can.... 6:30 on Mondays. and when I don't have class ( graduate work ) I like to lift with my team at 5 on Wed.....

    I can schedule life around my saturday weekends ( no friday night gigs if I can help it, and no hanging out at the bar on Fridays) but between a full time teaching position and graduate school life can get more than a little hectic during the week.
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    I like to lift early, which for me means 3-6 pm because I work third shift and get in bed around 7 am. I just feel my best about an hour or so after getting out of bed. Im well rested and ready to go. Light breakfast and a cup of coffee.
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    Late morning, usually a little before 11am if I'm at home or 9am if I'm doing events. Works great for my schedule and doesn't screw my sleep up.
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    i use to workout early in the morning but now i train at 730 pm monday , wednesday, friday and sunday
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    I train best at sunset
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    Quote Originally Posted by Behemoth View Post
    I train best at sunset

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    If I could, I'd train around 3-5pm - I'm awake. 3-5pm = my last meal is going to be a couple hours prior, which I prefer. I'm wide awake and limber - not too tired, and not groggy from just waking up.

    In real life, I usually train around 9pm however.
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    I'm use to training between 9am-12pm, because I go to work at 3pm. Sometimes on my off days I'll go train with the crew at 5pm. But I have grown to like the early morning workouts because I get it done and have the rest of the day to chill.
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    I typically train in the evenings, although when I train strongman events I usually train mid-day.
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    I can't make it to the gym most days till 8-9pm. I train noonish on weekends though.
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    During the week I typically train at 5pm. Saturdays I sart around 9 or 10am, I prefer this but training with the group is more important than time to me.
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    I arrive to the gym at 8PM. Come back home about 30 mins before dinner.

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