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Thread: USAPL Great Lakes CHampionships

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    USAPL Great Lakes CHampionships

    Here is a video of some of my lifts over the weekend in Cleveland at the USAPL Great Lakes Championships.
    I had a great time and hit some PR's (Bench and total).
    The squat could have gone better, first attemp of 725 was called high, 2nd attempt of 770 all whites, third attempt 805 missed.
    Bench went well I hit a PR on my 3rd attempt with 585
    and Pulled 645, missed 665 on my third attempt.
    I won the masters superheavyweight with a 2000 total. I really enjoyed lifting in single ply and walking out is a challenge but fun.
    I have to thank some folks for all they have done.

    First of all Titan lifting gear, awesome stuff and ordering from Ken Anderson is the way to go, he knows the meaning of customer service.

    John Casciota. The man is awesome, he traveled all the way from Pittsburgh to Cleveland just to help. A true gentleman.

    Ryan and Dana Celli for operating the best powerlifting gym anywhere, and a special shout out to Ryan for all the great honest advice! I can't say thank you enough for his help!

    here is the vid

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