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Thread: Dorian Yates 1994 German Grand Prix

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    Dorian Yates 1994 German Grand Prix

    What an epic posing routine.


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    Yates was the man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    Yates was the man!
    Hell yea he was. My favorite bodybuilder in terms of his dedication and training bar none. Not my favorite physique, but no doubt he achieved more than anyone else in terms of mass until Ronnie.

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    I still gotta say that I am not a fan of the man's physique. I like the sounds of how he trained and his dedication and simplistic attitude. He didn't sweat the small stuff and he always sounded confident.

    I read an article a while back and he made a comment to a reporter "you'd be happy too if you looked like I did 2 weeks before the show". Confidence for sure.

    He had everything that you needed to be Mr. O: back, mass, conditioning, and legs. The conditioning that a large majority of the BBers had back in the 90's is crazy. I have dozens of videos from past Mr. Olympia's and Ironman's and so many guys had crazy conditioning: Charles Clarmont, Renel Charles, Andreas Munzer (the sickest BTW), Shawn Ray, and even Flex Wheeler looked great back then.

    Not sure if there were using specific diuretics that are no longer commonly used now a days?

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    Yates was always my favorite back then. I still remember seeing those famous off-season pictures in FLEX magazine and my eyes nearly popping out of my head.

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    Always liked how he did exactly what he felt was needed, no more, no less. A good video to watch was Mark Dugdales from a few years ago where he trained at temple gym with Dorian. Believe it is called A Week in the Dungeon or something like that.

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