Didn't really almost kill myself but it sure looked and felt like it.
well today I decided to go for a new PR record on my deadlift, The big 4 plates on each side at 405lb. I told myself that if I could get this off the floor and up to my knees, I would kill myself before i would drop it. So there I was, I put my belt on, and chalked up my hands. I got into my conventional deadlift position, and gathered all my will and energy for the lift. I exploded of the floor and got the bar to my knees fairly easily, there I hit a major sticking point as expected, I leaned back and pulled as hard as I could, the weight moved very slowly, seeming to take an eternity to get up, I normaly try to hold my breath, but I had to let it out and give of some grunts and screams. I finally got it almost all the way up, where I hit my second sticking point. I could not lock my shoulders back or straighten my knees out. I sat there fighting to lock out in what seemed like another eternity, screaming and grunting the whole time. but I was going to Hit this lift or die trying, nothing could have got me to drop it. I finally lock out and held it their, then I quicklt dropped( normaly i lower the weight slowly but my energy reserves were gone) the weight down. My body was shaken all over, I quickly notice i had gotten the attention of the entire gym. I had people telling me , that they never seen anyone fight that hard to get a weight up. My friend told me it took me almost one minute and 30 second to complete the rep( somewhat of an exaggeration I think) Everyone thinks I'm super hardcore now( I'm only one of five people at my gym that deadlifts). While it totally drained me for my other exercises, it felt really good to hit 405, especailly with the effort it took. My next goal is 500lbs, hopeful by the end of the year.