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Thread: When to Max

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    When to Max

    There are no powerlifting meets that are close to my area or that I really feel like driving to over the next 3 months. So instead I'd like to hit my goals of a 500 lbs squat, 315 bench, and 600 deadlift in the gym. Whats the best way to do prep for this, and/or work it into my cycle? Right now I'm on 5/3/1.Also, I graduate from college june 11th and I'd like to hit these numbers before then. I don't necessarily want to hit all of these numbers on the same day either.
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    Just go through your normal 5/3/1cycles and then after one of the deload weeks just work up to a max SQ, max BP, and max DL on their respective days the next week. You could also just set up a mock meet day where you do all three lifts in one day if that is easier to schedule.

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    What I do is I don't plan to max. If I feel good on a day I go for it. Usually on the 1s week because I don't want to throw off the rest of my training.

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    I would say wait until you are having an awesome training day. So if you're doing whatever week and everything is dialed in and you're feeling really good. I'd say just do prescribed work and work up to a max as if at a meet. It's not gunna throw everything out of whack.
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    when you're healthy... just set your plan to max a week out and stay focused on it all week so you are mentally prepared..... just go for it.
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