Well I did my 1st strongman show last weekend http://www.wannabebig.com/forums/sho...=1#post2457000

Well anyways I decided to start a journal here. i had been training with basically WS4SB3 the last couple years as my goal was to get back into football. I kind of lost that passion to play now and have been bit by the Strongman bug. Anyways I turn 25 on Wednesday so I'm not a young pup anymore. Just got out of the Marines a few months ago and am a full-time student again. Started 5/3/1 today. Switching out Mil Press with Push Press and will be training events on Saturdays or at least most Saturdays. I do have my own sled and farmers walk handles though and will have a chain yoke shortly, so I might do a little event work on certain days.

Here are my 90% maxes for starting 5/3/1, They are actually a little lower than 90% but hey.
90% of Maxes

Bench: 275
Deads: 430
Push Press: 205
Squat: 340