Wednesday AM
Snatch: 50x2 60x1 70x1 80x1 87x1 93x1 98xX11
Klokov (Pause) Jerks: 80x2 90x2 100x2 110x2 110x2 110x2 110x2
Cleans: 90x1 100x1 (thumb bleeding and hurting, lol. Will do some clean pulls (with straps)this evening)
Wednesday PM
Clean Pulls: 70x3 90x3 100x2 111x2 127x2 140x2 150x2 162x1 162x1
Front Skwats (Day 5 Of CCCP Squat Program for frontals): 60x2 80x2 100x2 122x1 135x6x2

Eh, had some more in me on snatches this morning, but wanted to get some good jerk work in

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