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Thread: A good beginner mass SPLIT?

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    A good beginner mass SPLIT?

    can some1 recommened a good begginer mass split for me one that focuses mostly on mass and gives great results?
    also one that is detailed like sais about how much reps set and what equipment i should use for each body workout.
    i go to a gym so i am able to accesss all equipments

    I am 5'6 eat alot and dont gain weight (fast metabolism.)
    weigh about 132 pounds. Pretty skinny
    Have protein supps and creatine

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    You will get some different answers here these days. But I still prefer a basic and abreviated routine for beginners. Something that focusses on getting stronger in the squat, deadlift, bench, rows and overhead press. In the beginning, increased strength and weight will give you the quickest results.

    Check out this article...

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    Check out the program in this thread. It worked very well for me.

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    whats your schedule look like
    all compound movements
    hypertrophy rep range 8-12 for a beginner

    Day 1 legs
    day2 upper body presses
    day 3 deadlift and back
    day4 rest

    cycle those 4 days so your off day would be different every week so day1 mon day2 tues day3 wed day4 thurs day 5 fri and so on get it got it good

    ifyou want more specifics let me know ill help you lay out a plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    Check out the program in this thread. It worked very well for me.

    I really like this looks of the routine that you scanned in that thread. I bumped it! That's my type of routine.

    To the OP, it's always a good idea to keep things very basic at first, make sure you eat enough, and enough of the right foods. Don't just think because you are eatting "a lot" of food that it means you will gain good weight.

    Make sure you are getting in your protein and carbs, and your fats can fall in where needed. But if you are having a terrible time gaining weight add definitely add more fats, and even more carbs.

    At a BW of 130 you should be able to get your calories in rather easily.

    You can follow what OffRoad has written out: hit the big lifts and don't overdo it. 3 days a week should do you well and train hard.

    You may want to detail a bit more about what you are eatting. I think the eatting aspect is much more important than most give it credit.

    Consistency is the key to success within this sport...

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    Why spilt? i always liked the 5x5s/FB, check out the above posts, they are fantastic programs.
    Good luck!

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