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Thread: nature vs nurture

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    is there such thing as a genetic potential? i heard of a myostatin gene, but then, ppl who use roids go past teh limits of their genetics. also, each generation, children live longer, are taller, and more healthier. (from teh post on, i'm referring to w/o drug or hormone treatment).

    this already proves that the environment has more
    influence than genes. skin color is genetic, but can change depending on environment. biologists also know that mammals are affected by their environments by a lot. the idea is known as "nature (genetics) vs nurture (environment)." ie. if u learn to lift correctly, then ur growing rate is increased dramatically compared to someone genetically identical to u who doesn't lift.

    I brought this up cuz i was reading at mm and ppl were talking about some ppl "reached" their genetic potential b4 they use roids. i personally don't believe this, cuz altho ppl start to decrease test and gh at older ages, it's not impossible to boost it back up, nor it has to do with genetics; If u can grow fast as fast as ur teen years forever, then u are capable at growing that fast for the rest of ur life, if certain ideal conditions emulate u being a teen.

    i don't believe that ppl can reach their "genetic potential size," but u can reach ur "genetic potential growing rate." altho i know that this is the real world, and ppl will stop growing, but is that due to genetical potential, or life accomplishments and time? say u lifted at 20 and stopped growing at 200lbs. does that mean u reached ur genetic potential bc u stopped growing? what if u lifted when u were 17, or 12 years old? would then ur "genetic potential" be 250lbs?

    i dunno, i need ur opinions, cuz i can't find research on this.
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    I am not sure whether earlier training could up genetic potential maybe quicken the rate that you reach it..

    But then again is there a genetic potential? (Anthony notoice NO space) I always said I would reach mine before I started to use steroids, but then again how do you know you have?

    For example I could be at 220 naturally and decide I just cannot grow anymore.. However maybe I could but it woudl be at a VERY slow rate.. i.e it might take be a few years to put on a few lb's of muscle..

    I also think people limit themselves by thinking about genetic potential.. I am not genetically blessed in fact probably disadvantaged.. I was one of the smallest in my year when I was 15-16... I grew in height from 18-19 but still weighed like 150 at 5,11.. It sucked..

    Even now I don't grow at a extremely fast rate and I DO put a lot of effort in but I am not going to let that dishearten me.. I will always be training and one day I will be a 220/230 wheteher it be natural or not..

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    every body has a maximum genetic potential otherwise mr O would be in his sixties as this is not the case at some point your body will not beable to get bigger as eg test, growth hormone levels drop so unable to beable to do what you did in younger years. however i do not know what my genetic potentail is yet but i will do my best to get there.

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