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Thread: Kai Greene Guest Posing 2011 NPC Suburan

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    Kai Greene Guest Posing 2011 NPC Suburan

    Here's the link:

    I must say after hating kai and his enormous gut for a long time, I'm really starting to become a fan. I don't mind this type of posing either.

    Edit: Spelling's all over the place today.
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    The guys posing to me, is pretty cool. I know people hate, that's cool, I used to until I thought of it as how many other bodybuilders, guys ripped at nearly 300lbs, if not over 300, can move and pose like that? I've been a fan since I started reading up on his story, he's really pretty fuckin inspirational, minus the hole muscle hunks/grapefruit thing. He did what he had to do to make bank, and that he certainly did.
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