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Thread: Having lifting pain

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    Having lifting pain

    Starting sometime last week, I have been experiencing pain in the back of my head (where the head meets neck, I suppose) whenever I do a heavy set. Exercise doesn't matter, squats to bench to pushups all have given me this pain. It's a sort of throbbing, and makes me feel a little bit light headed. I have never experienced anything like this before last week in my weightlifting.
    Any thoughts?

    Intuitively, I would think that I tense up in that area when I do a heavy set. However, I am confused as to why this pain has come out of nowhere all of a sudden. It's not like I am suddenly lifting absurdly heavy weights. In fact I am still pretty weak, and lift little girl weights by WBB standards

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    The only time I've ever had the sort of sensation is after a heavy set of squats where I get a little light headed after releasing the tension. Hows you're blood pressure/stress?
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    I couldn't tell you the number, but I'm pretty sure I have decent blood pressure. I'm 20 and have always been in decent shape.
    As for stress, I'm go to a pretty intense college and also have a girlfriend... but I don't think it's anything extreme. I wouldn't describe myself as a stressed-out person, for what it's worth.

    Also, I woke up today with the back of my head/neck still feeling shitty. I bench pressed last night. I'm kinda worried.

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