meet report

after a nasty cut down from a peak or 201lbs and down to 181 and back up to 200 i was actually feeling damn good for the first time after a big cut in a long time i'll spare the bs and get to the lifts

opener 825 good
2nd 875 good smoked it fast
3rd 935 good all time world record. i absolutely flipped out after this lift. i finally found myself having a lot of fun at a meet again. soaked it up as much as i could!

opener 225 raw good - longest pause in pl history
2nd 450 good smooth but my shoulders felt dead
3rd 500 not so much

opener 615 good 2000 total
2nd 665 good 2050 total
3rd 700 nope, just dead then.

huge gigantic thanks to all the stratifamilia underground training crew for the support forever. big thanks to brian carroll for his grand wisdom on his meet prep cycle and answers to my random inquisitions. also big thanks to laura phelps sweatt for the weight cutting regiment that got me down 20lbs.

today i achieved the #1 goal i set for myself back when i was in high school for my powerlifting career and it feels damn good! now back to the 98's and actually fill out!