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Thread: 5x5 program = how many calories per day????

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    5x5 program = how many calories per day????

    so i've been doing the 5x5 program (which is awesome BTW) and am curious as to the caloric requirements per day..

    what would you say the average caloric intake per day should be?
    i know it varies from person to person but there must be an average, right?
    i'm 183cm (6'1") and 91kg(200lbs).

    my new goal is 210 lbs.
    H - 185cm (6'1") W - 85 kg (188 lbs) Age - 38

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    There's no "average caloric intake" for people on 5x5, it will vary from person to person with all the same criteria it does for anybody else on any other dieting regime. I suggest browsing through the diet section and reading up on some bulking and weight gang threads to familiarize yourself with the endeavor.
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