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Thread: Dysmorphia Training Exercise Selection

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    Dysmorphia Training Exercise Selection

    Only yesterday I was thinking I would like to spend some time getting my strength up while continuing to grow. I come onto WBB for the first time in a few months and find the DT article- coincidence?! This really is the place to go on the net to find the best training info.

    The lifts I really want to bring up are my dips, chins and front squats. I see dipsand chins are included in the programme already, but can I also use them plus front squats as ME lifts without any problems without changing the programming otherwise, or would I need to make other adjustments? I hate sounding like one of those muppets who always want to change a perfectly good programme, but I am appallingly weak in these lifts and it needs sorting.

    Many thanks in advance.
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